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Biomimetic Dentistry

Envision Dental in Marietta, Georgia, seeks to help patients achieve their best smile at every stage of life. Our skilled dentists, Priyanka Seekand, DMD, and James A. Merriman, DMD, follow a natural, holistic approach to dental care, known as Biomimetic Dentistry. Our patients retain more of their natural tooth structure for a healthier, more natural-appearing smile.

Dr. Priyanka SeekandBiomimetic dentistry seeks to preserve the natural dentition of your teeth as much as possible during treatments and restorative procedures. We use the most advanced materials that closely mimic your natural tooth structure to repair cavities and other lesions. Even the adhesives we use for bonding crowns and other repairs are closer to your tooth’s inherent natural properties.

Traditional dentistry is much more invasive, removing more natural tooth material for repairs and using other materials that can shrink or otherwise not fit well on your teeth. Our dentists can often preserve teeth, even preventing the need for some root canals, with Biomimetic Dentistry techniques. Your natural teeth structure is always best; Biomimetic Dentistry seeks to preserve this in every treatment and procedure.

Natural\Holistic Dental Restorations

The skilled team at Envision Dental performs natural, holistic dental restorations with Biomimetic Dentistry techniques. A biomimetic restoration closely mimics a natural tooth’s aesthetics, function and strength – much more than a typical dental restoration. This includes composite fillings, partial restorations and full-mouth reconstruction, when necessary.

The biomimetic difference lies in the selection of materials used in your tooth restorations and the advanced application techniques. When combined, these factors make a significant difference in the performance and appearance of your restored teeth. Biomimetic restorations typically look more natural, function better and last longer than regular dental restorations.

For more information about Biomimetic Dentistry, how our repairs and restorations are different and other questions, schedule a consultation at Envision Dental with one of our talented dentists. We are always happy to explain the biomimetic difference and how our natural, holistic approach to dental care benefits our patients.

Contact Envision Dental today at (770) 425-0448 or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located in Marietta, GA, adjacent to the Marietta Medical Center.