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ClearCorrect Aligner

ClearCorrect logo.Clear aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment option for straightening teeth without the need for metal braces. ClearCorrect aligners are one of the top brands of clear orthodontic treatments that can gently and effectively straighten your smile. If you have overlapped, crooked or gapped teeth and want to improve the health and beauty of your smile, come see us at Envision Dental. We offer the ClearCorrect aligner treatment at our dental center in Marietta, GA.

Straighten Teeth with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer many benefits over braces. They can address many of the same malocclusions as metal braces but do not require brackets and wires on the front of the teeth. Clear aligners, including those offered by ClearCorrect, are comfortable and almost invisible. These clear plastic aligners fit over teeth and gently shift the teeth into the desired position over several months or more. Every few weeks the clear aligners are updated to a new set that brings the teeth closer to the correct alignment. Benefits include:

  • No wires or brackets rubbing against the gums
  • Almost invisible
  • No food restrictions – you can take your aligners out to eat
  • ClearCorrect aligners are very thin and more discreet
  • Clear aligners can be removed to clean teeth thoroughly

For many of our patients, clear aligners make the most sense for their lifestyle. ClearCorrect aligners are a wonderful alternative to wearing braces and offer the same results in most cases. Most people can expect treatment to last between one and two years, and it can be shorter for mild misalignment.

Do you want to learn more about ClearCorrect clear dental aligners and if you are a good candidate for this teeth-straightening treatment? Contact us at Envision Dental to schedule an orthodontic consultation. We accept most dental insurance plans and CareCredit to help make your orthodontic treatment more affordable.