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Dental Bridges

A gap in your smile where there should be a tooth can be embarrassing. A missing tooth changes your smile and can affect your mouth function. Chewing and speech can be changed from missing teeth, compounding the disappointment in the appearance of your smile. Dental bridges can be a cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve the aesthetics of your smile if you have one or two missing teeth. Our cosmetic dental team at Envision Dental will create a natural-appearing dental bridge to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

Dental bridges use your existing teeth surrounding a missing tooth gap to support a prosthetic replacement tooth. Like a dental crown covers a damaged tooth, a dental bridge essentially does the same for a missing tooth. If you have one tooth missing, a dental bridge is created to fit over the two adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Two dental crowns fit over the existing teeth that are attached to a prosthetic tooth in the middle. When fitted and bonding into place, the three teeth look perfectly natural, often better than they did before.

Dental bridges can be a great choice for someone with only one missing tooth that is not a good candidate for dental implants. A dental implant is ideal for replacing lost teeth – it is more functional, and durable for long-term use. However, dental bridges are less expensive and a good option for someone who may not have the bone density or budget for a dental implant.

If you have a missing tooth that is ruining the aesthetics of your smile, there are options to give you back your complete smile. At Envision Dental, we offer multiple solutions for replacing lost teeth. Dental bridges are a cosmetic option to restore a beautiful smile for an affordable price. To learn more about dental bridges or restorative options like dental implants for replacing missing teeth, contact our office in Marietta today.