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Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can substantially damage your teeth and jaw. Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth in your sleep can wear down enamel and may even crack your teeth. If you suffer from bruxism, you may be at risk of serious dental damage. At Envision Dental, we can help with treatment for bruxism to protect your smile. We can create a customized nightguard for bruxism/teeth grinding at our dental center in Marietta, GA.

Bruxism, teeth grinding and jaw clenching can be controlled consciously when you are awake, but it can be difficult to manage when you are asleep. Bruxism can be caused by jaw misalignment or may be habitual or related to stress. Whatever the cause, you do not want teeth grinding or jaw clenching to ruin your teeth or put stress on your jaw joint (bruxism can put you at risk for TMJ). A dental nightguard is a non-invasive treatment for bruxism to protect your smile and oral health.

Customized Dental Nightguards

Dental nightguards are formed plastic that fit over your teeth. A customized nightguard is designed from an impression of your teeth so it fits comfortably in your mouth. The covering over the teeth protects them from wear from teeth grinding. The mouthguard also prevents jaw clenching during your sleep and helps align your jaw. Customized dental nightguards are used to treat bruxism, and they can also reduce snoring, improve sleep apnea and offer relief for some patients with TMJ.

While there are over-the-counter mouthguards you can buy, they are not designed for your specific condition. They are also not as comfortable and safe as a customized nightguard made by a dentist. If you have bruxism, protect your smile and reduce costly damage to your teeth and jaw with a nightguard. Contact us at Envision Dental to schedule a bruxism consultation at our clinic in Marietta.