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Root Canal Therapy

Inside each tooth are canals that are filled with pulp, live tissue that contains the nerve roots for the teeth. If this live tissue becomes infected or diseased, it can cause severe tooth pain and may jeopardize the life of the tooth. Infected teeth are dangerous to your health. To save the tooth and protect your health, the infected tissue or pulp must be removed. Root canal therapy is the only general dentistry treatment to save the tooth and stop infection from spreading, a dental treatment that is available at Envision Dental.

What is root canal therapy? When decay or damage to the tooth allows bacteria to enter the inner portion of a tooth, the pulp can become infected. This can press on the nerve roots within the root canals. During root canal therapy, the tooth is opened, and the infected material is removed from inside the canals. The tooth is disinfected and repacked with dental material then the tooth is sealed. In most cases, the tooth will require a dental crown to protect the structure.

Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth

Root canals have received a poor reputation in the past. Many people equated root canals with a painful tooth procedure. Years ago, it was common for root canals to require multiple visits before the tooth could be properly cleaned out and sterilized to stop the infection. That is no longer the case. Most root canal therapy can be performed in one visit, giving immediate pain relief from an infected tooth. The treatment is not painful, as it is similar in discomfort to having tooth decay removed. Once the nerve roots are removed, the source of pain is gone.

If you have a painful tooth, it could possibly be infected or have an abscess. Root canal therapy is the only way to save an infected tooth and stop the pain. To schedule an appointment, contact our team at Envision Dental. We can examine your painful tooth and determine the best treatment to relieve your pain and protect your smile.