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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last molars to arrive, the wisdom teeth, are also the teeth that tend to cause the most problems. By the time wisdom teeth arrive in the late teens or early twenties, there may not be enough room for them to emerge correctly. Wisdom teeth can cause dental and orthodontic issues if they push on other teeth or become impacted in the gums. Our dental professionals at Envision Dental offer wisdom tooth removal for teens and adults at our dental center in Marietta, GA.

Wisdom teeth are large molars – most have four roots and need ample space to emerge in the four corners of the mouth. Many people with smaller jaws have limited room in their mouths, and there is not adequate room for wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth should be monitored as they are developing during the teen years. If there is not enough room for them to safely emerge or if there are signs that they are growing in sideways, a plan to have them removed may be necessary. Wisdom teeth can be extracted proactively to prevent problems, or reactively if they cause issues once they arrive.

Stress-Free Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom tooth removal can be performed painlessly and with no stress for our patients. Some patients have only one or two wisdom teeth removed at a time, and others may have all four removed in one session. Our dentists can discuss which option is best for you or your teenager. We provide a relaxed, comfortable environment and offer sedation dentistry for those who want to be sedated during their procedure. There is no pain during the extractions and minimal discomfort during recovery with the use of recommended medications and post-procedure care.

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent complications caused by these final large molars. If you or your child needs one or more wisdom teeth removed, contact us at Envision Dental. We can schedule an exam at our clinic in Marietta to discuss performing a wisdom tooth extraction.